Matthew Johnson says Good-bye to trolls, but sadly not to Bigfoot Research

AARRGGHH!! Someone who is close to Johnson and I know you read my blog, please for the love of God get him some help. Like before I felt justified for repeatedly reporting on his antics, now I seriously am starting to feel bad. The dude is clearly mentally unwell. I’m a schizophrenic, I should know.


Full credit to Lilly Dyer for the picture above, she’s asked to be credited every time I use it. There ya go.

Bloody Stupid Johnson stars his video by beating his head against a pine tree, he says it’s a metaphor for his dealings in Bigfoot Research. He reckons that for ten years he was beating his head against a pine tree because of his conventional approach to getting evidence. Wood knocking, call blasting and collecting footprints with little or no luck. Fair enough maybe move areas and try somewhere else than?


He then says he switched over to the Habituation technique first pioneered by Jane Goodall and it worked. Yeah for her, because you know she showed videos, collected hair, logged samples properly and all the gravy stuff real scientists do that you just can’t be bothered with. While you Captain Bullshit have produced precisely bumpkiss.

Now comes the most horrendous part of this video. He actually compares himself to Jesus Christ. It’s so narcissistic and really underlines the real reason I despise this man, as a psychologist he should recognise the narcissistic process and knock it on the head when it gets too big.

I’m going to quote him directly because I don’t want to be accused of getting it wrong: “I am Not saying I am Jesus Christ, Not saying I’m a messiah, savior, part of the trinity, not saying that, did you hear me? Not saying that. But the enlightenment I got today, the epiphany I got this morning, was the fact that: Jesus, who was the messiah, who was the son of God, who was a part of the trinity. Who actually did turn water in wine, who actually did walk on water, who actually heal the sick, feed the multitudes and raise the dead. They still didn’t believe him either and he WAS the son of God, He was the son of God, he did perform miracles and they still didn’t believe him either and they crucified him.”  jj2

Am I crazy or is that Johnson comparing his situation to that of Jesus? It looks like a helluva Freudian slip to me. Although I stand to be corrected on that.

He then makes a threat against someone, saying that legally he has two years to do it.

Then he says he’s moving forward. So what? You threaten someone in the first sentence then say you’re moving forward in the next. Hypocrite.

He then goes on to say he’s going to further develop the relationship between him and his family of Bigfoot, to the point where he says he can get a swab of their DNA from their mouths on film. Good luck with that.

More Portal Bullshit, he references the audio evidence again. It’s not evidence of anything except Johnson’s cultish behaviour.


He carries on with a tirade of abuse against us, his detractors. This is kind of trollish huh? I mean I’ve admitted many times I’m Johnson’s cyber troll so I recognise the behavior. But whatever.

Bloody stupid Johnson ends the video with a goodbye to his trolls. Cool. So you’re done with Bigfoot research then? No? Well I can’t speak for anyone else who doesn’t agree with your “research” But I ain’t going anywhere.

This is Richard Allen, wishing everyone would clock on to the fact, Matthew Johnson is a cunt.


9 thoughts on “Matthew Johnson says Good-bye to trolls, but sadly not to Bigfoot Research”

  1. It really makes me wonder if this man should be licensed to help anyone wuth mental disabilities. Does the proper authorities know about what’s going on outside of his practice? I don’t want to see anyone lose Thier livlihood,but it’s scares me to think,what advice this man is giving ,to those in need.


  2. I’m not trying to attack him in anyway. I’m just concerened. Maybe I should just mind my own business. But when you see a supposedly professional doctor,with a practice,carrying on like this,it makes you wonder.


  3. I’m struggling to convey what I’m trying to say here. I’m 49 yrs. old. Just like everyone else in my generation who has seen the PG film ,from bluff creek has had some sort of interest in the bigfoot phenomenon. Some take it to the extremes ,more than others. But before the internet,& all the BS shows on tv ,I really do think that there was some good research going on. Maybe there still is some. But for the most part,people look at this as a $$ moneymaker,no pun intended. So what’s the best way to make $$ in the sasquatch field? Lie alot,& push for your own show. It doesn’t help that Destination America channel ,puts on every bigfoot quack & Thier brother with a show. I think what got lost in all the bigfoit hoopla is the actual fact of trying to educate people on this subject. If anything its making fun of,& harder to prove Thier exsistance. I’ll admit,at 1st I was all in with the shows ,& all the BS groups on facebook. Hell I was an administrator for a well known group. But after learning what Thier agenda was really about,I with drew my self from all groups. I still feel there are good ,genuine people out there that seek the truth,bUT for the people that sell the truth,or bullshit, & Thier souls,just to be a whos,who in the bigfoot community,SHAME ON YOU !! I have a conscious, & all I seek is the truth. If that means that after all of this,it turns out that it was all a big hoax,then so be it. To me the only true evidence that’s out there now is the PG film ,that has been held up to scientific,scrutiny,& the Paul Freeman footage. The rest is just craziness. Now,I had something myself happen to me out in the woods,about over a year ago. I’m still not sure of what happened,or what it was. I have a good feeling of what it was,but until I can prove ,or disprove by doing & following scientific protocol. I’m not ready to jump out on that limb yet. People have asked me about it,& I told them what I expierienced. I’m still doing research,& trying to figure it all out. Even if & when I do. I’m not sure if I should quickly call all the tv stations trying to sell my story. To me it’s more about understanding what ,& who they are,& why there here. Also how they live. This is my rant,& I thank you for allowing it here. I think we need to stop the nonsense of what’s going on in the bigfoot world. It’s not about the sasquatch anymore,of Thier real,or not. It’s about how big your status is in the community. Stop the madness !! Please !!


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