Marsh Harriers and Buzzards

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Above these words is a picture of a Buzzard in flight, note it’s majesticness… Pretty sure that’s not a word but whatever rolling with it. Apart from Eagles which we also sometimes get around here. Sea Eagles not Golden Eagles although there’s a few in the nearby lake district. It’s pretty much the largest bird of prey I see on a regular basis.

We had a nest nearby, the babies have all fledged now. Never actually saw it but I know it was there because of the kids I saw flying around the deer field opposite my house. Call it a deer field because there’s always a deer in it lol. Anywho got to see the fledging baby buzzards which was cool, they also make a nice noise as well, a sorta piercing whistle that I feel is a defininitive Bird of prey noise.

Hardly used to see them down in the midlands, they were a bird that suffered heavily from the farmers use of the pesticide ddt. The only time I ever saw them when I was a kid was when we went up north to see my grandma in herefordshire. Now just like the Red Kite they’ve bounced back magnificently which is awesome.

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This is the Marsh Harrier, another bird I see sometimes at the nearby wildlife reserve. Their not exactly common in england but their doing a lot better then their cousins the Hen Harrier. Their pretty cool to watch flying around, their wings go up over their backs in a V shape. Reminds me of Klingon ships lol. Yeah i’m a nerd so what?

There’s a few hundred pairs spread out across England and Scotland but their only really summer visitors. I think there is a resident population in the far south but i’m unsure and don’t quote me on this. In any case I enjoy seeing them and their a nice bird to catch in the air.

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