Ode to the Kestrel

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See they alot when driving anywhere, hovering at the side of the road. It’s always amazed me how they hover like that perfectly. Keeping their entire body in the same place for minutes while they survey the landscape. Human’s have to work really really hard to do exactly the same thing in planes lol. Have you ever seen it? It’s not one of the perks of living in the countryside cos honestly you see them everywhere in England, they are not an endangered species at all.

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They might be on the decline though, alot of species are. Apparently house sparrows numbers are drastically reduced which is bloody news for anyone who uses bird feeders let me tell you. I put the food out and Boom the sparrows descend and destroy. Get alot of finches as well, saw some bullfinches earlier in the year, pretty little things. Mostly now its goldfinches and chaffinches which are equally cool.

Back to the Kestrel though.

Thought after briefly mentioning it in the last blog I should give it a good write up as this sweet little bird has always been one of my favorites. Merlins are cool as well though ever seen one of them? They look like tiny peregrine falcons lol.

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Kestrels, like merlins, sparrowhawks and peregrines are all part of the Falcon family. I believe it’s because their small agile birds. Havn’t seen a Peregrine Falcon yet, I don’t even know if we get them up here. They like craggy cliff faces if memory serves, i’ll have to google that to see if there are any. Saw an Osprey the other week that was cool. You know they fly all the way to Africa and back every year? Birds got balls man.

Anyway this is my Bird of the day. Ode to the Kestrel!

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