Few things are worse than a face full of stinging nettles.

Strimming man, I f-ing love strimming. Taking the petrol thingie out into the paddock and having a good old hack n burn with all the overgrown weeds is terriffic. Obviously gathering up all the strimmed vegetation and dumping it onto the compost is less fun but we’re starting to see grass snakes in the garden so hopefully they will lay their eggs in it next year.

download (34)

Anyway I was cutting some brambles from the wrong angle and slipped, the strimmer sliced through a patch of stinging nettles and I got the full greenary in my face. My own fault I should let the guard do its job and not try to be clever with the strimming. Ouch. Surfice to say I was not amused but the swellings gone down now and it’s only the weird feeling you get after a stinging nettle. Not quite painful but annoying I’d call it. Stinging nettles make good stock for vegetable soup but that’s the only positive things i’ll say about them lol.

The point is, I enjoy strimming very much but definitately need to learn to do it properly, not rush it and defintately not get stinging nettles to the face again.


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