Goshawk and Sparrowhawk. Birds of Prey

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I know it’s weird but i’ve always thought that there was something really really cute about Sparrowhawks. Back when I live in the midlands of england we had one that used to land in a nearby tree and size up the chickens when they were smaller. My mom tells me of a time when her Bantam was tiny, the Sparrowhawk landed on the fence around our garden and started intently at the baby until it saw my mom looking at it, then it pretended to wash itself and flew away. It also bought a pigeon down in our garden and nibbled on it.

Sparrowhawks are like pigeon sized and colored quite prettily in greys, and they have those little cute bands of black around their fluffy white tummies I just want to to rub lol. I would never do that, birds of prey have sharp beaks and claws and I’m sure they wouldn’t respond well to a good fluffling.

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This is a Goshawk, it looks suspiciously similar to a sparrowhawk but it is much larger. It’s as quick as a Sparrowhawk though and i’ve never seen one before until yesterday. One was perched on the telegraph pole opposit the house but sadly bailed before I could get a good picture, i managed to snap a really blurring greyish blob though lol. In any case I saw it land and was all, Oh that’s cool a sparrowhawk, havnt seen one of them up here yet. Then you know as it goes you start to notice the little details that you don’t see when you look at something for the first time. Different shade of grey, much larger build, stripes are a different shape and before I could grab a picture or say Goshawk, away it went. Still pretty damn cool eh? Seen a marsh harrier as well which is nice. Hen harriers do pass through this part of the county but since theres only like 20 in all of england its gonna be hard to find one lol. Still a Goshawk is pretty awesome though, scratch that one off my twitchers list.


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