Assassins creed needs more assassinations

Weird thing to admit but there we go, for a game modeled around a group of people that kill people for money and other reasons, you spend far little time assassinating people and far too much time faffing about.

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Ok so the first game revolves around Altair and Desmond. Desmond is some guy in the future that has information a company called Abstergo want’s so they strap him to a machine that can read his genetic memories. These are of Altair who is the guy you will play for most of the game.

Altair is an Assassin, one of many in a group of Assassins in a brotherhood that follow the creed: Everything is Permitted, Nothing is true. Cryptic eh? Anywho he works out of a secret mountain base and is sent on various missions to assassinate important targets. The first game has alot of mechanical problems, primarily of those is the fact the gaurds will attack you if you RUN too fast. I believe on reviewer said it was like they had some kind of ridigly enforced speeding rules.

You start the game being stripped of  rank and weaponary after fucking up a mission and have to work you’re way to the top again. You will spend alot of these games doing random quests, getting to vantage points, picking up objects and the like. It’s a ubi soft game after all and this isn’t always bad.

You’ll work you’re way through it, discover an evil organisation called the templars that wants to control everyone instead of.. killing them…. like the assassins do.. But still the assassins are considered the good guys? That was my perspective during the first game anyway. Turns out you’re boss in the assassins is one of these templar cunts so you put him down and get you’re hands on the Apple. It’s a golden apple that destroys everything around it, (28)

So the Abstergo company gets what they want from desmond and thats how the first game ends.

The second game starts with Lucy the scientist that was working with you in Abstergo busting you out of the company and you guys running off to another machine to find out what happened to the Apple.

End up playing the Italian Stallion Ezio. Get ready because you’re going to control him for several games lol. 3 in total lets not exaggerate. But seriously? 3?!!?

Assassins creed 2, brotherhood and revelations…. that might be the wrong way round i can’t remember, I should probably note I am not an AC fanboy, there games I play when they cost like a tenner. Don’t hate em but i’m not going to be queing up at midnight when they get released, know what I mean? images (10)

Over these 3 games we watch Ezio start with as an assassin, work his way through the games and become a top player in the war against the templars. You also get to build up you’re town, buying new stuff and revitilising a broken down mannor. Which is cool cos like you run out of things to buy for you’re characters pretty damn quickly so it’s nice theres other things to spend you’re money on as well.

Eventually you’ll discover as Desmond where the Apple is, kill lucy (not because she’s evil or anything, the apply will mind control you.. Yes the apple mind controls you) Get trapped in the animus (matrix revolutions style) Escape and move on to Assassins creed 3.

Ezio was cool and sauve. Altair was cold and efficient. Connor the protagonist for Assassins creed 3 is just a fucking pyschopath. NO!! theres no other word to describe him fairly in my opinion. Everyone else kills for a pretty good reason and Connor will just kill you because.

He gets an entire Town to build from scratch and involves himself in the War of Independance. His father is a Templar called Haytham and you will spend some of the game working with the templars before ultimately killing you’re own dad. Regular readers of my blog will know this is one of my favorite cinematics in gaming history for good reason. Don’t feel bad his fathers last words: I Should have killed you a long time ago. LOL! It’s hilarious. After finishing Connors stint you will learn you have to release an ancient AI/Alien or the world will be destroyed. You do, Desmond dies. So sad.

AC 4 sees you take control of a faceless guy who you will play completely in 1st person, you will also spend most of the game inside the animus reliving pat memories because the company you work for wants to make a movie about it. No lie. This is something I can actually imagine happening lol. Anyway you play Haythams father; Edward Kenway, Scourge of the seven seas! He’s a pirate! Instead of a town to rebuild you get a ship, you also get the run of the sea to pillage, loot and burn at you’re own discretion. This is the only installment of the series i fucking loved and I don’t mind admitting it. Even with the awesome pirateyness though there is still way too much faffing about.

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Havnt played Unity yet but i’m sure I will at some point, when it’s cheap lol. Anyway that’s my take on Assassins creed, should been called Faffing about Creed.


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