Gardenling – Strimming and Cutting Back

Ahh another glorious day in gods country! The sun is out, the wind is blowing a cool breeze, methinks it’s time to give the lawn a good seeing to and do some pruning.

Now I don’t know how anyone who reads this blog deals with life, but as a gamer I choose to see it as a fully interactive RPG lol. To this end whenever I learn a new skill or do something, i imagine my skill points in that area going up. Gross over simplification I know but reality sucks. It’s also kind of true because if you think about it you are gaining experience in something. Yesterday I put up a shelf, today I’M mowing and gardneing. Gardening Skill + 2.

download (15)

So cutting back involved me sorting out the tomato and gooseberry bushes. Bsically on the tomatos i cut all the leaves off below where the the fruit was growing and on the gooseberry bush I cut out some of the middle for ventilation and about 1/4 of the full growth. This should prove beneficial next year as the plant will have move energy invested in fruit growing. I do love gooseberry bushes and I hardly see them anywhere anymore. Fun times.

After that I mowed the bloody lawn which is a ritual really. The sit on mower we got doesnt seem to start unless you perform some dark ceremony and sacrifice  a chicken in it’s honor. i’m sure other people suffer from the same problem, they are tempermental devices. After which I did my all time favorite job of strimming!! God i love doing this, when i first started I sucked balls at it, there were bald patches everywhere and I missed things all the time. Now it’s all nice and smooth and the borders are almost perfect. Strimming +4.

I do enjoy gardening it’s definately a passion of mine and I hope to learn newer and better skills to level up and enjoy.

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