Good old british weather

Yesterday was blue skies and choking still heat today its been steadily raining all morning. Ahh Good ole British summertime. It’s still warm of course it’s just all rainy, it’s pushing the insects inside which is a bit annoying as well, flies everywhere but they’ll bugger off when it clears up outside.

I’m going to share something with you faithful readers, I love the rain, LOVE IT! It’s my favorite kind of weather in the world! Soft rain, misty rain, hard rain, torrentual rain has to be my favorite however, I love the sound it makes on windows, especially in the conservatory is just awesome.

When it rain’s so hard you can hardly see properly is cool aswell, when we first arrived up here in the north the was a three day rainstorm that was just terrific, had to drive through it to the nearest town to sort out an electricity key as well which was fantastic. This close to the coast I can only dream of what kind of rain storms I’ll get to see during the dead of winter. Should be pretty nifty.

Also animals seem to like the rain as much as I do, or at least I see alot more of them when it’s drizzling. Maybe it’s because of all the worms on the surface or something, well whatever the reason it’s always nice to see some animals.

I do enjoy the rain and the british summer time and as i said before in my previous blog, it doesnt seem to last very long. But that’s cool it’ll be back again next year. Woo.

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