tree cutting sucks

So today i had to cut down a couple of trees so that the willow would get enough sun and room to grow. They were all already planted when we moved in and honestly it was stupid to plant them that close together.

That being said i didn’t really enjoy doing it, i’m not one for killing anything honestly, it makes me feel all icky I guess the word is. Didn’t really enjoy sawing through the bark, didn’t really enjoy cutting it down.i mean I guess i’ll be grateful when the winter comes for the firewood and all but still.

In the long run it’s a good thing, the willow will be able to grow up big and strong and the rasberry canes can be gotten to, I can feed them and clear the weeds out now so alot of good things will come of this.

That being said its not cool is it? I mean chopping down tree’s willy nilly, it’s a bit of a bummer in actuality. But still the garden will flourish, fruit will grow, wild flowers will blossom, bee’s will……. bee. Maybe this is like symbolic of makinds ability to destroy as well as create? Some kind of metaphor for how we view nature and wildlife and the good and bad we can do?

Nah. Just don’t feel good about cutting down trees.

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