How not to garden

So i’ve got this empty flower bed right? I spent litterally ages pulling out all the weeds, all the rocks, composting, bedding, raking and all that happy fun stuff. For my kale and brassica plants I was planning to grow there. Sadly of course I forgot to take into account the bloody rabbits who nibbled their way through my plants within hours of planting them. download (13)

My bad I forgot I live in the country now and have to take these things into consideration. The problem is I now have this completely empty plot just sitting in my garden with no idea on what to put in it. Got a wild flower plot, got beans growing everywhere, got all sorts billowing everywhere. I realise it’s pretty late in the season anyway for anything but i’ve gotta think of something for next year. Try again with the cabbage maybe? Poly tunnels this time obviously, or is that a big boring.

Got some pretty extreme wind up here so whatever I plant it’s gotta be resilient and able to withstand that kinda thing. Something rabbit resistent would be cool as well. I joke I know of course you have to build fences and stuff or get a ferret to deal with marauding bunnies.

download (15)

Seriously though i’ll probably keep it empty and deal with it at the end of winter or something. It’s a shame though I spent an entire saturday cleaning it up when everyone said it was a lost cause and best used for wild flowers. well whatever I’m sure something suitable will reveal itself in time but still. Annoying as all hell lol.

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