Deer kids and pheasants

We have plenty in abdunance up here, I looked outside my bedroom window the other door and saw a couple of babies frolocking in the field outside. Was going to write a blog on it but I saw a picture of batman and robin on the internet and got distracted. So i’ll write one now.

th (3)Kudos to you reader, you’ve seen a glimse inside my pysche and are still reading thanks dude!

I love animals, we have badgers, foxes, owls, toads, frogs, deer and of course pheasants. The last one is a bit weird to tell you the truth, like I used to live in a small village in the midlands, there were a fair amount of pheasants down there and I’d see them all the time. Up here it’s the opposite, I hear them all the time but hardly ever see them. I saw one crossing the paddock two weeks ago but that was it but I litterally hear them every single day with their weird squawkin noise they make. download (16) Deer on the other hand I see pretty much every day, we have a hunter living near us and I see him walking the lands with his gun slung over his should and a couple of rabbits tied to his waist. But he doesn’t shoot deer like ever. In fact I’ve seen him carefully ignore Deer to aim for birds or mammals, I’ve never asked him about him as at the moment we just nod at each other on our seperate walks and meander off in different directions and i don’t really want to change that relationship.

download (8)

I like people I share similar interests with but I can’t imagine I share any interests with a hunter, it’s not my bag at all. I love animals and don’t have it in me to harm them. So all in all i love it up here and my nice little nature walks and the variety of animals I see. It’s pretty darn cool.

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