The force is strong in video games

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So I don’t know how many of you have played this but star was Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 are awesome rpgs. They both tell a cool story and both incorporate enough gameplay elements to make them decent games.

Lets start with the first one, the story starts with you waking up on board a republic cruiser that’s being attacked by the sith. You meet a dude named Trask and then proceed with the basic tutorial mission. Fight you’re way across the ship, trask dies and you end up on the planet Taris. In the custody of one Carth Onsai, who despite saving you from the escape pod, trusts you about as far as he can spit. There’s some Jedi called Bastilla thats dissapered and you need to find her then get off the planet. Bugger.

Bastilla has a force power called battle meditation that lets her influence space and ground battles, so she’s really important to the republic war effort oh and she defeated the original leader of the Sith. Darth Revan. After some fiff faffing Bastilla is found and you have a vision of a star map and goto dantooine to ask the Jedi what the think. They think you’re a Jedi and train you up and team you up with Bastilla then charge you with the tast of following you’re dreams to find the star map and eventually stop the new sith leader Darth Malak. The star maps leading to a place called the star forge which is an immense factory of unimaginable proportions.

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So you travel across the universe to familiar and unfamiliar worlds. Usually picking up a new crew member as you go. Each crewman has his or her own story that you unlock as you progress and most of them have a companion quest you can follow through with. Tattooine, Manaan, Kasyykk, Korriban, Dantooine are the worlds you’re sent to to grab the maps and each one is unique in its own way. I recomend doing Manaan first cos it’s easily the longest and for me most boring, all that faffing about in the under water levels just winds me up a treat. But Tatooine is cool aswell because you get HK47 easily the funniest character in the game.

After a lot of fun leveling up you’re character and piloting you’re ship across space and time, doing side quests, playing pazaak and swoop racing you’ll eventually get captured by the sith and the iconic twist is revaled –spoiler alert– YOU ARE DARTH REVAN! Never before or since has a game caught me off gaurd like that, seriously I was not expecting it all, my friend said he saw it coming but I didn’t believe him. Anyway you eventually fight youre way to the star forge, destroy it and kill darth malak. Depending on which side of the force you walked you can have one of two different endings. Dark Side where you go to Korriban and unite the sith against the republic (but still blow up the star forge what the fuck is that about?) Or save the republic and get a medal, the game ending new hope style. All in all its a great rpg, not too long not too short the one thing that really irratates me about it is the level cap, you can only get to level 20 and if you’re as anal as me you’ll get that just before the last planet which blows.

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The second one starts with you taking control of T3m4 the droid from the first game, fixing up you’re ship and docking with the peragus fueling station only to get knocked out by something else. If you skipped the tutorial the game starts with you waking up in a Kolto tank and meeting a strange old women Kreia who eventually turns out to be the games antagonist. Apparently which ever ending you decided on in SWKOTOR is irrelevant as Darth Revan has done a runner and left the republic broken and the sith fractured. Apart from Kreia or Darth Traya as she calls herself (ugh) Theres Lord Scion and Darth Nihilius. Techinically its Darth Scion aswell but i prefer Lord in his case. Scion looks like he’s made from badly put together clay, is practically unkillable and uses pain to fuel his powers. Darth Nihilius is some kind of force vampire, feeding on Jedi and Sith alike, devouring planets and basically being a huge cunt. In any case you don’t find out this stuff until later. In the begining of the game you are tasked with escaping peragus and finding out why the facility is abandoned. Well you’re a Jedi and theres a bounty on Jedi and this assassin droid that appears to be based on HK-47 thats killed everyone on the station to try and collect on that bounty. You eventually kill him and escape peragus on the ship from the first game. You end up on  telos and once again are stuck there because someones stolen you’re ship.

images (25)Before I continue there are two versions of this game: KOTOR 2 vanilla and KOTOR 2 with the restored content mod. You see for whatever reason Lucas Arts rushed this game out of the pen and it was previously filled with loose ends and plot holes that the restored content mod fixes up nicely. So with that in mind we carry on with the story. You eventually find the jerk who stole you’re ship its a Jedi master called Atris, one of several Jedi Masters that exiled you from the Jedi order in the first place. You talk to her take you’re ship back and learn that after you’re trial there was a brief conversation with the Jedi masters where they discussed something that had happened to you. You want to know what that was so off you go to chase down the Jedi masters and ask em what the hell happened.

So you find out that in you is a wound in the force and you basically have the power to absorb it from all you’re friends (who are the real last of the jedi) Kreia wants to use it to destroy to force, the Jedi masters are afraid of it. When you find them all you either kill them or unite them on Dantooine (which as it turns out doesnt fucking matter cos Kreia kills them anyway.) If you’re light side they try to cut you off from the force because their scared and if you’re dark side you kill the last one and absorb his force powers. Whatever happens you’re forced to return to the end of the mandalorian wars, Malachor V and kill Kreia and Darth Scion.

It’s a lot longer then the first one with the restored content mod and is in alot of ways better and more adapted. All I can tell you is this there both amazing games and I enjoyed them immensely.

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