Bored teenage aliens explained properly.

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Recently my favourite podcast show on the internet. The Fortean Slip: gave me a five minute segment to rant about something fortean. I was at a loss. I was going to do it on the Thylacine but as I’ve said before I’m interested in the subject but find it really upsetting so I couldn’t do it about that. So I settled on Alien abductions and presented an outlandish theory that this phenomo……. this thing is nothing more then bored teenage aliens flying to earth to kidnap humans to facebook meme with them.

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Obviously this recieved some critizism. Matt knapp put forth the opinion that aliens with advanced technology would have far better things to do then abduct people for the fun of it. This is a fair point but i’m going to defend my point of view anyway because I enjoy blogging and this makes for a good post.

Would they? We’re talking about a radically advanced civilization with technology and abilities beyond our current comprehension. True. Should this make them enlightened and professional? Of course it SHOULD. Does it though? Look at us! The human race, compared to mice we have advanced technology beyond their comprehension yet we still pick them up and play with them and take pictures of ourselves with them for fun. Why wouldn’t a different species do the same to us?

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O.K so saying alien ships have go faster white stripes was flat out retarded. Saying they drift around planets is probably accurate though, I mean whose to say they dont have alien drag races along the western spiral arm? Shifting gears mid way through hyper-space and flooding the endgine sending them spiralling out of control while the others fly past it desperate to win the pink slip! HEY!! Maybe that’s what happened at Roswell, Alien racer went out of control and crash landed on some world then got autopsied. Stranger things have happened yeah? Well probably not but still it’s a cool theory.

Do I believe that alien beings with super advanced technology are coming to earth for reasons uknown? Yes I do. Do i think their abducting us for the fun of it? Possibly, as far as I am concerned however it’s a good a theory as anything else. The fortean slip go and subscribe because it’s awesome.

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