Rabbit done ate my kale!

download (15)O.K so i love animals yeah? Like alot, can’t think of one I don’t like I love seeing them I love seeing signs of them I love my wildlife walks. But ever since I moved out here I’m starting to get why country folk spend so much time shooting them.

The week we moved in I spent two days digging out my vegetable plot, de-stoning it, fertilizing and getting it all ready for growing. Given this was in may I’d already missed the boat on a lot of vegetables but I had plenty of time to get my kale and brassica ready. We got a greenhouse which is awesome so I sowed a few trays and dampened the floor for humidity and in a matter of weeks they were ready for planting.

Rabbits ate them. O.k I thought this is my bad I should have protected them better, I’ve never lived the countryside before so I didn’t take proper precautions. So i’ve set up poly tunnels for the next lot. Oi the rabbits seemed to say, the fuck you think you’re doing taking away our food. So they nibbled through my wild flower patch.

download (16) Btw that’s not a rabbit it’s a hare. Hare’s have never done anything to me so I kinda like them at the moment. I can’t kill animals, not even flies or spiders. I litterally just can’t do it. Which sucks in this case so I’m forced to move on. Perhaps i’ll get a ferret and let nature take it’s course but whatever.

So there’s the rabbit cunts eating their way through my hard work. Now another thing I did when we moved in was dig out the back of the paddock to make a small gate that leads to a lonning and eventually the coast. Was proper proud of myself too cos i’ve never been one of them “hard core DIY” people. Birds have shit all over it and the lock, like for real it’s a bit gross, every morning I have to wipe it all clean to go for a walk and I HATE GUANO!

th (3)

Then theres the badgers, creeping around at night snuffling everywhere and digging bloody sets into the property line/hillock. Ok i realise im being petty here and alot of people would like a badger set on their land. Not farmers apparently as our neighbour asked us if he could come over and shoot them. Not a fan of that at all.

So we got incontinent birds, cunt hungry rabbits and of course a pyscho barn owl that’s after my blood. I mean I am in no way shape or form advocating the hunting and killing of animals but at least now I kinda get why everyone else around here does.

th (2)

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