Vampire bats and the whole vampire thing.

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So my internet went down all afternoon which really pissed me off because I’ve been finding this whole blogging thing to be very theraputic. I’m way out in the sticks here and don’t really know anyone and my whole life was destroyed a few months ago and i’m still upset about that. I was kinda enjoying the whole typing out what I was thinking thing and then inflicting it on the masses. Kinda like facebook but bigger woo!

But I digress.

Apparently theres three species of vampire bats. One of em is called the common vampire bat I even know the lain name for that one: Desmodus rotundus I think anyway. I could wiki it I suppose but I don’t trust the wiki pages like at all. The other two I don’t know, one of them has hairy in the name i’m sure. I could look it up to look all intelligent but that would kinda cheapen the whole point really. Anyway the reason I know the latin name for one of them anyway is because I used to be into vampires in a big way. I wasn’t goth or emo or anything retarded like that I just found the idea and legends of them fascinating.

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The weirdest thing for me though is that I know or at least think I know that vampire bats all live in the america’s.. I think south americas but i’m not 100% on that. Point is there only in america and pretty much all Vampire origin folklore comes from east europe. Which is bloody weird, I mean you got this bat that drinks blood and on the other side of the world you got these stories about dead people turning into bats drinking blood. O.K That last sentence isn’t exactly 100% true I’m pretty sure the bat and wolf and other junk like that was added much later. In fact if memory serves the original vampires were just badly decomposing human beings that drank blood. Was a book or something  (not dracula) that made them all charismatic and charming.

My favorite interpretation of vampires has to be the World of Darkness table top game. Two video games as well; Vampire the masquerade redemption and bloodlines both pretty good. In it the vampires are described as secretive invisible beings pulling the strings and protecting their world from human knowledge. Clans and internal politics are rife while the Kindred as they are called have to protect the masquerade at all costs. Is an awesome thing.

Twilight ruined vampires for me though. Like permanantly. The fiendish bloodsuckers of the night changed into sunlight walking teenage angsty love struck CUNTS will always haunt my dreams and forever pollute a childhood interest. Still at least it wasn’t as bad as blade 3 right?

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